Accepted Minisymposia

Special Symposium
MS 1Symposium in honor of Prof. Zdenek P. Bazant on the occasion of his 80th birthday (by invitation only)
MS 1116th Symposium on Biological and Biologically Inspired Materials and Structures
MS 12Computational Biomechanics for Biological Tissues & Human Body Systems
MS 13Mechanics of Bioinspired Materials and Structures
MS 14Mechanics of Soft Materials
MS 15Mechanobiology of Soft and Hard Biological Tissues
 Computational Mechanics
MS 21Computational Methods and Applications for Solid and Structural Mechanics
MS 22Computational Modeling in Civil Engineering
MS 23Extreme Event Modeling
MS 24Isogeometric Methods in Computational Mechanics
MS 25LES and DNS: Methods and Applications
MS 26Recent Advances in Real-time Hybrid Simulation
MS 27Third Symposium on Molecular Scale Modeling and Experimentation
MS 28Topology Optimization; from Algorithmic Developments to Applications
 Concrete/Cementitious Materials
MS 31Cementitious Materials: Experiments and Modeling Across the Scales
MS 32Modeling time-dependent behavior and deterioration of concrete
MS 33The mechanical failure of hard/soft materials: from yogurt to cement
 Damage and Fracture Mechanics
MS 41Advances in Computational Failure of Composites
MS 42Advances in Experimental, Theoretical and Computational Fracture Mechanics
MS 43Damage modelling of engineering structures: from localized cracking to structural collapse
MS 44Modeling and Characterization of Quasibrittle Fracture
MS 45Multiscale Behavior of Damage and Failure Mechanics
MS 46Simulation-based Natural Disaster Prediction and Mitigation
 Fluid-Structure Interaction
MS 51Biomedical Fluid Mechanics and Fluid-Structure Interaction
MS 52Flows With Moving Boundaries and Interfaces
MS 53Fluid-Structure Interaction
MS 54Flow Induced Motions
MS 61Computational Geomechanics
MS 62Genome of Stone-based Civil Infrastructure Materials
MS 63Recent Advances in Constitutive Modeling for Geotechnical Engineering
 Granular Materials
MS 71Degradation and healing in particulate systems
MS 72Recent Trends in Granular Materials Across the Scales
 Mechanics of Materials
MS 81Advances and Applications of Elasticity within Applied Mechanics
MS 82Multifunctional Materials
MS 91Advanced Analysis for Earthquake Engineering
MS 92Analytical and experimental investigation of the resiliency of the critical infrastructures under multiple hazards
MS 93Control of Structures for Multiple Hazards
MS 94Fire Safety Engineering and Mechanics
MS 95Recent Advances in Uplifting Structures and Rocking Isolation
MS 96Seismic Protective Devices for Structures and Nonstructural Components
MS 97Structural Fire Safety
MS 98Wind Engineering in Natural Hazards
 Multi-scale Mechanics and Coupled Problems
MS 101Coupled Environmental-Mechanical Response of Civil Infrastructures and Materials
MS 102Multiphysics and Multiscale Modeling of Engineering Materials
MS 103Multi-scale modeling of microstructure and property evolution
MS 104Multiscale Mechanics and Physics of Shale
MS 105The Link Between Composition, Structure, and Physical Properties of Materials
MS 106Hierarchical and Multiscale Methods for Simulation Based Design of Materials
 Nano- and Micro-Mechanic
MS 111Nano- and micro-scale evolution of infrastructure materials under load, humidity, or radiation
MS 112Nano- and Microstructured Materials
 Probabilistic Mechanics
MS 121Advances in efficient computational methods for probabilistic analysis and design
MS 122Numerical Methods for Engineering Stochastic Dynamical Systems
MS 123Probabilistic mechanics in damage, fracture and failure
MS 124Random Functions in Engineering Mechanics and Civil Engineering
MS 125Stochastic computational treatment of multiphysics and multiscale problems
 Reliability and Risk Assessment
MS 131Advances in system safety and reliability for risk assessment and management of energy infrastructure developments
MS 132Safety Assessment of Aging Infrastructure: From Data to Decision
 Structural Health Monitoring
MS 141Fatigue damage monitoring, diagnosis and prognosis
MS 142Human Performance Sensing and Condition Monitoring
MS 143Infrastructure system integrity through damage precursor sensing
MS 144Inverse problems for tomographic imaging and remote sensing applications in engineering
MS 145Structural Identification and Damage Detection
MS 146Vibration measurement, modal analysis and model updating of structures
MS 147Vision-based Studies in Structural Health Monitoring
 Structural Instability
MS 151Mechanical behaviour and stability of shell structures totally or locally confined
MS 152Robustness of Infrastructures (Progressive Collapse)
MS 153Stability and failure of structures and materials
MS 161Advances in Model Development and Data Analytics for Quantitative Engineering Sustainability
MS 162Harnessing Elastic Buckling/Postbuckling Response for Sustainable and Resilient Infrastructure
MS 163Introduction to EMI Objective Resilience Manual of Practice
MS 164Structural modeling and identification for performance and resilience assessment of civil structures
MS 165Sustainable and Resilient Structural Engineering, Mechanics, and Materials (SR-SEMM)